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Amusan and Camacho-Quinn believe the hurdles meeting record will go on Tuesday

26. 06. 2023 | 15:56
Amusan and Camacho-Quinn believe the hurdles meeting record will go on Tuesday

The 62nd edition of Ostrava Golden Spike meeting welcomed the main stars at the official press conference before the start of the meeting on Monday 26 June. The meeting manager Alfons Juck together with the meeting director Jan Železný introduced the hurdlers Jasmine Camacho-Quinn and Tobi Amusan at the beginning of the session. Both athletes believe in fast times and the meeting record 12.55 tomorrow.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico

On her goals at the Golden Spike 2023:

I want to go out there and have fun. Tomorrow, I just want to enjoy myself, the race and also to challenge myself… The meeting record – yes, it will be. Last year was a bit different but this year the field is a bit deeper. So I know the record will be broken tomorrow, I cannot give you the time but let’s see how deep we can go tomorrow.

On changes in her preparation:

Last season, a lots of changes happened. This year is going good but still I have to work on a few things. For me, you have to have the healthy mind-set and enjoy everything I can do.

On higher barriers in female hurdles:

 I am not short but I still keep kicking them.

On running sub 12 seconds:

Yes, I talked about this with my coach in the Olympic year. In hurdles – you can be superfast at 100, at 200… But it may be too much for the hurdles as it is much about the rhythm and the technique.

On what is important before the race to get a good mood:

Good sleep. Eating, I have only had apple. Music for sure to zone out and geting to my own world.

Tobi Amusan of Nigeria

On her plans until Budapest:

I just had a couple of races so far this season - did not get a lot of races in. I will try to go to the national trials not because I need to qualify but to get another good race before Budapest. So I have Lausanne, nationals and then we will see what the schedule will be.

On defending her title in Budapest:

Of course, I would like to defend the title – I need to do the best. Hurdles is a different race now. It´s nobody’s race until the finish line. Keep executing like once in the time.

On celebrations after winning her title in Eugene last year:

That was the first world record for that little country – coming home with that record – we celebrated of course. But nothing truly changed.

On possibility to break the meeting record:

All I am focused to execute well and whatever you see when you cross the finish line, I am fine with it if you put 100% there.

On higher barriers in female hurdles:

Do not want it. We have many hurdles who are short… I am not bulky, I am short. Let´s stay with what we have.

On the WR memories:

I was just running for my life. This is time to go for what we worked for in the practice. My coach told me on that day: It is just huge today so go out there and do everything we practice.

On running sub 12 seconds:

I am a big believer – nothing is impossible. I think it is definitely going to happen one day.

On what is important before the race to get a good mood:

I am not a breakfast person but I have to try tomorrow.


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