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Partner projects

Ostrava Golden Spike also takes care of kids, their motivation for sport and healthy lifestyle. Since 1961, also the kids’ version is its part as the "Chocolate Spike", and since 2009, also the project called "Hurrah at Golden Spike". 


Chocolate Spike



Chocolate Spike is an international athletic tour for children under the auspices of the world record holder in javelin throw and the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting director Jan Železný. It has been established in 1961 and it is unique in many respects:

  • It is the only project generally focused on the children at the basic school (up to 10 years of age) also beyond the athletic clubs.
  • The only exclusively kids competition series for sprinters (others are in the streets and middle and long distances).
  • The only one in the world has its final in the main program of one of the biggest athletic events in the world – Ostrava Golden Spike
  • The undisputed uniqueness of the Chocolate Spike attracts also the non-professional media and non-sportive public. Thus it becomes the tool for the public education.

Since 1961, the Chocolate Spike used to be organised in Ostrava on the eve of Golden Spike. Increasing number of participants made the organisers to enlarge the project in 2012 beyond the borders of the city, and the running series have been established. Since 2017, it has also been organised abroad, in Slovakia and Poland.

Until 2018, the project partner organisers were the local sport clubs in selected cities. But then, also the other cities based on the increased interest.

Chocolate Spike becomes the project with the area-wide activity for the important age category 6-11 years. The best participants make it to the final in the main program of Ostrava Golden Spike.

Despite the fact that primarily it is built on the track events, since 2019, the javelin throw, resp. its children´s version, is part of the event..

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In 2016 there was a para athletics club established within the SSK Vítkovice, the Ostrava Golden Spike organiser.

The main reason was to extend the numeber of athletics clubs for handicapped in the Czech Republic and as the first para athletics club in the Moravian-Silesian Region make para athletics also more accessible for local athletes.

Currently the main events trained are shot put, javlelin, discus and skitlle throws. Long jump, runs and other para athletics events will be added within coming years.

One of very important activities of every sports club is to organize competions. The most prestigeous one for the Para Athletics Team Vítkovice is a partner project of the Ostrava Golden Spike called Ostrava Para Golden Spike established in 2017.




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Hurraaah at Golden Spike



Hurraaah at Golden Spike is a competition project for the teams of pupils from the 5th grade classes of basic school, especially from Moravia and the Polish border area. It has been organised since 2008. The maximum of the competing teams is 16. The team is created always by 6 girls and 6 boys. The competition has five kid´s athletics events:

  • Jump from a place
  • Hurdles run
  • Racket throw
  • Monkey track run
  • Medicine ball throw

The prize is always very attractive for the whole team but the main experience is the ceremony before the main program of the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting. The main patron is not missing – the javelin throw world record holder Jan Železný. All competitors and teachers are then the honour guests of the Ostrava Golden Spike main program.

Every basic school can submit. Detailed information about the project available via e-mail




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