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Nia Ali likes a trophy, she hasn´t any like this

30. 05. 2022 | 17:13
Nia Ali likes a trophy, she hasn´t any like this

The Puerto Rican hurdler surprised the world when topped the Tokyo Olympic Games podium and wants to rewrite the meeting record (12.55) in Ostrava. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn will test the Ostrava track for the first time in her career. 25-year-old two-time NCCA champion tops the world season list from April 16, while she clocked 12.39 in Gainesville, USA.


On the special design of the Golden Spike trophy

It definitely looks very special, something you always want to add for your own collection. I think it’s very nice and cute. Is it possible to win it tomorrow? Of course, because we prepare, so it can also be taken to the play.

On her start of the season

It’s been an okay season. Prefontaine Classic gave more confidence for the next couple meets coming up.

On changes in her life after getting Olympic title

Yes, there are some kinds of changes. Maybe, I feel more pressure, like I have to do something just because of what I achieved last year. Honestly, it’s just a title but it kind of motivates me to keep going still.

On coming World championships in USA

It has a difference, because I don’t have to travel too far to compete, and I’ll be able to stay on the U.S. soil. Actually, I’m excited for how the weather’s going to be. But I’ll take it for whatever it is. On the other hand, I don’t think the weather matters because I have to run in it. It just doesn’t make sense to complain about it. I just put in my headphones and do what I have to do because I have to step up to the race anyways. That’s just to get fully locked in and think about what’s coming up. I’m excited we will compete in the stadium we have been competing in just a couple days ago. It made me prepared. I have four more meets before the Worlds and definitely I will work on what I need to fix. I don’t have the pressure because I don’t have to go to trials. That’s a good thing for me. It’s just like last year. I just do what I have to do to prepare myself.

On her hopes in Ostrava after tough Eugene Diamond League just 24 hours ago and long trip

I just want to come out here and have a safe race. I’m not really focused on a certain time.

On fans’ support

Honestly, after last year it’s not anything big to me. Of course, it’s good to have the fanfare to get you pumped up and excited, and to put on a show for everybody. But after covid year and not having real fans in the stadium, it was something that changed my mind.  Now I’m more focused on my view of the race and even after you cross the line, it’s just all over again.


The reigning world champion Nia Ali of the USA will be ready to face her rivals in the fight for the Ostrava trophy. 33-year-old American retuned into the field after more than one-year maternity break and she’s full of ambitions to reach the national team for Oregon 2022.

On the golden crystal trophy

I think it is nice and it is something I don´t have yet. It is always nice to win something new and actually unique, interesting.  I am definitely interested and would need to keep it away from my children for sure.

On the MR 12,55 by Sharika Nelvis in 2015

It is going down.

On what is important for the good race to be ready for the good race

The conditions are the same for everyone.

On her actual shape and progressing of the season

I feel like I started off pretty strong.  A lot stronger than normally. I had a few setbacks so I am happy to be back out here and get some solid training and hard work on the circuit. 

On who takes care of the children while she is on the circuit

I like to share the work. So my mum and Andre´s mum – it is between them two.  We have three kids already – they are 7, 3, 1 year old. They will be watching especially the oldest one is critical – he will be watching and then criticise my race.

On having a perfect hurdles race

From my experience, there is no perfect race because there is 10 barriers and every single time, each hurdle is different. Sometimes, maybe the hurdle 1,2,3 is the strong part, sometimes the middle is fire, it just depends on the day. How you feeling, also the competition because you may feel fine when you run by yourself and then you run in the competition with the other people and it is different.

On spectators on the tribune

I missed out the empty stadium so I do not know how it really feels. But I am glad they will be here and they help to accomplish a good race.

On her comeback after the third child

Only thing that changes it was my motivation. After the first, I did not know what to expect. Just training is different.

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