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Vetter want to trow over 90 meters

18. 05. 2021 | 18:14
Vetter want to trow over 90 meters

Johannes Vetter won gold at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics. His personal best of 97,76 m is the German record, and ranks him second on the overall list. Anderson Peters is the current World Champion. Both javelin throwers will be one of the main stars in Ostrava.


About how he feels

I am feeling pretty good, I want to thank for the great organization of the meeting, for the warm welcome. The travel was easy, usually it is difficult for all the covid staff but I managed it easily this time and I am happy to be here.

About extra motivation

Tokyo is the biggest goal this year. Of course, it is important to stay healthy, I am in good shape and I want to throw 90 m tomorrow. We will see about the record.

About 90,70 m throw last year

I was surprised but proud of myself and my team. I did not do a lot of changes during winter training and I am motivated all the time. I tried being little bit more relaxed, and to stabilize technical things. I try my very best to attack the world record. But as last year shown there are things you cannot plan. It is always about small details which are hard to train, develop and stabilize. At the last competition, all throwers were very stable.

About breaking a record

I am keeping my fingers for Maria, I saw her throw from a different angle and she was really good.

About preparation

2020 was a difficult year, for track and field it was though, but I had a good season. Competitions were hard to organize and the whole season was ups and downs. I get much more self confidence now and I know what I want this year. Physical preparation is also important. And most important is to stay healthy.

About plans

I have a lot of competitions this season, and that is why I started earlier this year. I want to improve my season best. There is a lot to do until Tokyo. Competitions are the best training.



About travel

It was longer travel than usually, as I arrived from America. But I had a few days to adjust and I am okay now, excited and grateful to be here.

About his surprising win in 2019

It was a shock in my country, as we have only 2 champions until now – Kirani James and now me. More young athletes are motivated to do javelin throw thanks to my success, which is great. I am looking forward to this season. Maybe if I win the Olympics I will be recognized as much as Kirani, who has two olympic medals.

About 2020 and pandemic

After the world championships I underwent a left knee surgery, I went home and could not leave my country and compete because of covid restrictions. But i tis possible now.

About preparation

You have to be both mentally and physically prepared and adjusted to get the great final result. I am staying in Europe until the Olympic Games, because it is difficult to go home and then to Tokyo. It is better for me to stay and train in Europe.


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